Knee Joint Pain – An Explanation of What Is Actually Going on


Many of us go through knee joint pain without ever stopping to consider where it is coming from. The bad part about that is if you ignore the source, you can never find the solution. Thus it may be a good idea to see what is actually going on with your knee joint pain so you can find a fitting solution for the issue. There are actually a few different sources of the Knee Joint Pain, so we will try to explore different routes below to give you an idea of what to look for.

Knee Joint PainOne popular source of knee joint pain is arthritis. This is a degeneration of the cartilage within the knee. As you get older, your knees get higher levels of water in them, causing the cartilage to weaken. The Knee Joint Pain comes from the weakened cartilage flaking over time. The body parts no longer slide off one another, but rather they grind. The result is logically knee joint pain. A good diet of bananas will help this a little bit because the bananas grease the joints. Beyond that, your weight may be putting too much pressure on your knees. If you can afford to lose a few pounds, feel free to do so.

You may also experience knee joint Pain from a sports related injury. This will likely involve the ligaments in the knee and will require medical attention. If you feel knee joint pain forming, you should not let it get to the point of injury. Take a break and prop your legs up so your joints get relief. You have to learn to balance the work you put your knee through and the amount of rest you get it. Even thirty minutes of rest may greatly improve your Knee Joint Pain.

In any situation involving knee joint pain, you can always apply heat or ice to make the pain reduce. Heat works best for stiff joints because it relaxes all of those tense components. Ice works best in times when the Knee Joint Pain had caused swelling and inflammation. There are medications out there that are specifically designed for knee joint pain, but sometimes simple ibuprofen will do the trick. If injuries are bad enough, you may have to go through physical therapy to eliminate the pain. There are treatment solutions everywhere though if you just know where to look.