Knee Strengthening Exercises For Arthritis


When you suffer from arthritis in the knees, it can cause the most excruciating pain, especially considering how much you actually use your knees. Almost every lower body movement you make involves your knees. That is why so many people prefer lying around when their knees hurt. Lying around is the worst thing you can do. In fact, immobilizing yourself adds to the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Rather than keeping your knees as still as possible, you need to get up and get moving. Knee exercises can greatly improve your mobility and reduce the pain and inflammation you are currently experiencing.

You do not have to practice any vigorous knee exercises. Keep it light and simple. Try using an elliptical machine or going out for a short walk. Do not overdo it or you could cause your joints to hurt more. Warm yourself up before practicing any specific exercises. Use plenty of warm up stretches to loosen up your ligaments and get the blood and oxygen flowing through your body. Hamstring stretches are highly recommended for individuals suffering from arthritis in the knees. You can use an exercise band or old bed sheet if needed for resistance leg stretching. Resistance leg stretching strengthens the joints in your knees.

Talk to your doctor about the best knee exercises. Your doctor can recommend several ranging from beginner to high impact. Keep in mind that high impact exercises may cause further damage to your joints so start of slowly. Eventually your joints will get used to the exercise. If you start off slow, you can then work into more invigorating exercises as you go. Keep in mind that you do not have to exercise your knees for hours on end. You can march in place for ten minutes. Bending your knees promotes better joint stability and mobility.

Knee exercises are not the only exercises you need to focus on. If you are overweight, this adds additional strain to your knees. Your knees have a hard time carrying around pounds of extra weight. Try eating healthy and adding a total body workout into your regimen. This will help you shed those extra pounds, which will reduce the pain and inflammation in your knees. Not only will you feel better about yourself, you will also be able to get up and get back into the swing of things because everyone deserves to enjoy the little things in life.


Contributor : Janice (Joint Health Magazine)

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