Knee Arthritis Symptoms – What are some of the Symptoms of Knee Arthritis?

It is common to feel a certain amount of soreness in the knees if you are an active individual who works out, especially if you use high impact work outs that involve running and jumping. However, there are certain knee arthritis symptoms that may present themselves to you. Understanding what those symptoms are allows you to address them with your doctor so you can begin treatment as soon as possible. There are four points of pain that occur in the knee. Those four points include the inner, outer, back and front of the knee. Pain that occurs on the inside of the knee is typically associated with arthritis, a tear in the meniscus or cartilage, or an MCL injury.

More knee arthritis symptoms include pain that typically occurs in the morning. If you experience pain immediately upon waking but find that it diminishes with light activity as the day goes by, this could be a sign of early onset arthritis. Arthritis often causes swelling of the joints. You can determine if your swelling might be related to arthritis based on swelling that occurs even though you have experienced no injury, in which case you might have osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, or gout.

In addition knee arthritis symptoms include limited mobility. Limited mobility may also be the result of an injury. If you have no known injuries or swelling from injuries and continue to experience limited mobility, it might be a sign of arthritis. Occasionally your knee may give out on you perhaps while standing or walking. That is because the ligaments surrounding the knee grow weaker as the cartilage diminishes, therefore providing less support. Keep in mind that stretched ligaments could also be the result of an injury or too much strenuous exercise so make note of all your activities before you assume arthritis is the issue.

As you get older, you may notice that your bones pop and click as you move. If you hear these noises but experience no pain, chances are you do not have any issues with arthritis. However, if you feel a grinding sensation in the joints of your knees when you move, accompanied by any crunching and feelings of pain, you may have arthritis in your knees. Make sure you address each of these symptoms with your doctor. Make note of them each time they occur so your doctor can test you properly for arthritis.


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