Joints Pain – Helping Your Dog Overcome the Pain

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Dogs love life. They want to experience every moment of it which is why you often see them running around and getting into everything they can. However, their active nature come with unfortunate consequences and one of those is joints pain. This is particularly true of larger breeds whose weight often puts more stress on joints when they jump around than smaller dogs. The most common causes of Joints Pain in dogs is arthritis, obesity, age, and hip or elbow dysplasia. The best way to handle joints pain in dogs is to take preventative measures.

Joints PainStart when they are a puppy and feed them good, nourishing dog food that helps support the growth of healthy bones, muscles and joints. Be sure to pick dog treats that specifically address hips and joint development to provide added support against joints pain. A pet food store generally offers a greater selection and you can speak with knowledgeable staff about the best type of treat for your breed of dog. You’ll also want to take you dog in for regular vet checks especially if your breed is prone to Joints Pain and problems. A vet can provide early detection of problems as well as offer possible solutions.

Most importantly, you do not want your dog to get overweight. Just like with humans, excess weight puts more pressure on joints causing accelerated degradation and eventually Joints Pain. If your dog already suffers from joints pain, there are a few things you can do to help them deal with it. Most vets will prescribe a pain medication for the dog to take either on a daily or an as needed basis. You can also supplement their diet with glucosamine and chondroitin which can help reduce inflammation and joints pain.

Particularly helpful in reducing your dog’s Joints Pain is making sure they get plenty of exercise. Exercise helps keeps joint flexible and supple and staves off stiffness. Even a dog who suffers from debilitating arthritis can find relief in the swimming pool. Many dogs love the water and since swimming is a no impact exercise they do it to their heart’s content without aggravating their Joints Pain. Dogs are a member of the family and you want to do everything you can to make sure they live a healthy life. Use these tips to help your dog avoid or mitigate joints pain so they can be your active and fun companion for life.


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