Joint Supplement Review – Glucosamine with Chondroitin


Managing joint pain can be a challenging process. You first have to determine what is causing the joint pain and then take the appropriate steps to mitigate the pain and inflammation associated that comes with the territory. The most common cause of joint pain is osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative joint disease caused by the erosion of cartilage from the ends of bones. With the cartilage gone, the bones grind against each other causing pain and interfering with your quality of life. This Joint Supplement Review will take a look at glucosamine with chondroitin as one way of managing your joint pain.

Joint Supplement ReviewGlucosamine and chondroitin are two substances that naturally occur in the body. Glucosamine is one of the building blocks of cartilage and chondroitin helps prevent the degradation of cartilage. In healthy joints, these two substances work together to maintain the cartilage so you can enjoy pain free movement throughout your day. Although osteoarthritis develops over time and is mostly seen in older citizens, one theory is that the joint disease development because there is less glucosamine in the joint. Many people believe that taking a glucosamine with chondroitin supplement will provide the body with the building blocks it needs to rebuild cartilage.

Unfortunately, the studies that have been conducted on glucosamine with chondroitin have not shown this to be true. However, even researchers admit that they needed to study patients over a long period of time before ruling this possibility out completely. What researchers did find was that glucosamine with chondroitin did reduce joint pain by 20% after 24 weeks. They believe that glucosamine with chondroitin helps reduce inflammation which in turn alleviates pain in the joints. The Joint Supplement Review by these researchers suggests that taking glucosamine with chondroitin can help you manage joint pain naturally.

Since these substances are found naturally in the body, you don’t have to worry about taking a synthetic medication that may produce unwanted side effects. Although you can take glucosamine with chondroitin orally, you can also have the supplement injected directly into the affected area with provides an additional lubricating effect. The best thing about this supplement is that you can obtain it over the counter. So there is no need to wait weeks to see your doctor so he can write out a prescription. You can find glucosamine with chondroitin in your local health food store or online. The supplement seems to work but don’t take this Joint Supplement Review word for it. Try it yourself. With no harmful side effects to worry about, you could experience less joint pain in a little as 30 days.