Joint Stiffness – Why Can’t You Move Your Joints?


Getting through the daily tasks of our busy lives depends on a body that is working as well as it possibly can. When you start to notice joint stiffness in your limbs, reading the morning paper and mowing your lawn will go from pleasant weekend activities to painful challenges that leave you frustrated and exhausted. In many cases, joint stiffness is part of getting older and realizing that your body is wearing down, but joint stiffness can also be a symptom of other serious medical conditions. It’s important that people be educated about the causes of joint stiffness and the lifestyle decisions that they might be making to aggravate their condition.

Joint StiffnessBecause joint stiffness is most often a symptom of getting older, so it’s important for people to know how their lifestyle can affect joint stiffness later in life. As we go through life, our constant movement stretches the tendons and ligaments that support our muscles and joints. When these membranes become overused, they dry out and become restricted, resulting in joint stiffness and pain. One of the best remedies for joint stiffness is simply to eat and exercise in such a way that the body is encouraged to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints, and create more natural lubricant for fighting the joint stiffness.

Another common cause of joint stiffness is arthritis, which can be experienced by older and younger people alike. Arthritis is a degenerative disease resulting in joint stiffness, pain, swelling, and even general fatigue. Some times of arthritis contribute to joint stiffness simply because they cause the body to attack its own cartilage and membranes. With the body unable to keep up with the loss of cushioning tissue, joint stiffness and other complications occur, restricting movement.

You might think that you are simply destined to live with joint stiffness, not matter what the cause, but the truth is that simple home remedies and dietary supplements can be used to provide relief from the pain and even slow the spread of the disease. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are two natural supplements that can have a big impact on joint stiffness. Another remedy for joint stiffness is to wrap the aching area in a hot, moist towel each night. It’s also important to keep moving when you’re fighting joint stiffness. Staying seated or lying down all day might feel good initially, but it’s actually making the condition worse over the long term.