Joint Pain Fatigue

Janice CarsonJanice Carson

Fatigue and joint pain are much more closely linked than many people realize, and understanding the relationship is important.

Joint Pain Fatigue

Joint pain affects millions of people on a daily basis, and fatigue is another issue that millions struggle with. Those who suffer from both may not realize it, but the fact is that joint pain fatigue is a common issue and that the two are very closely related. Pain in the joints can very often trigger fatigue and in some cases the reverse is true. Taking a closer look at the link between these two problems is important and may show you a number of surprising facts.

Joint pain is usually caused by either injury or by disease. In the case of injury, the odds are that the two aren’t linked by anything beyond the overuse of the body. Just as many joint related injuries are caused due to over-exercising, fatigue is often caused by the same thing. Letting the body rest may be enough to overcome both issues.

However, there are also numerous diseases and conditions that may link these two problems. Joint pain fatigue is common in several different issues.

Arthritis is the most common cause of joint pain. It occurs due to the breakdown of the cartilage and fluids between the joints, and this triggers pain and irritation which in turn releases compounds known as cytokines into the body. These cytokines are actually known to be a cause of fatigue. Additionally, one of the symptoms of arthritis is a loss of appetite. This lower level of calorie intake can add to fatigue in a big way.

Fibromyalgia is a health issue that shares fatigue and joint pain as two of its main symptoms. In fact, while it’s a painful condition, most who suffer from the problem actually report severe fatigue as a bigger issue than the pain is.

Additionally, the fact that joint pain will reduce one’s activity level will have a direct impact on fatigue as well. Since your activity level is reduced, your body will lose stamina and begin to experience fatigue.

There’s a very close link between fatigue and joint pain, and in many cases the two are symptoms of larger problems that may need a diagnosis from your doctor. If you’re suffering from pain in the joints and are feeling as though you are tired all the time, speaking to your physician is important and will be the first step towards overcoming the problem.