Is it True that Joint Pain Creams can Cause Burns?


Are you one of those people who often use joint pain creams to get a relief from joint pain? If you are, then you should look at these creams closely and see if it can really give you the remedy you are looking for, or if it can just give you more pain in the long run. As of today, many people are claiming that joint pain creams can cause burns. To be able for you to do this, you will need to understand thoroughly how creams work and the problems it may entail.

How joint pain creams work?

Joint Pain Creams

These creams are basic analgesic or painkiller that you need to rub on the affected body area to provide relief. Its soothing effect can surely give your body a short-term relief and you’ll forget about the pain for a while. However, these creams are known to be incapable of providing your body a lasting relief. Since joint pain cream can only go as low as the underneath of the skin, there’s no way for these creams to hit the source of the pain which is in between the joint, thus, making it less useful for aching larger body areas.

Side effects

One of the most talked about side effects of using joint pain creams is burn. But is it really true that joint pain creams can cause burns?

According to Food and Drug Administration or FDA, they have received reports from consumers regarding rare chemical burns due to using such creams. Hence, FDA has posted a notice warning the public of the dangers of using joint pain creams. According to this notice, there have been reports of skin injuries that range from 1st to 3rd degree burns as a result from using the said products.

FDA has also advised consumers to stop using joint pain creams immediately after experiencing some sort or signs of an allergic reaction, or injury to the skin which may include pain and skin swelling. In the same way, the doctors are also instructed to educate consumers on how to properly apply joint pain creams.


It is true that joint pain creams can cause burns. However, this doesn’t mean that you will burn your skin right away after using these creams. You just need to be more careful whenever you are to use it. Furthermore, always seek medical advice first before you start using such creams.

Remember, these joint pain creams are designed and developed to provide no permanent relief from joint pains. Do not solely rely on such creams if you are experiencing severe joint pains. Nevertheless, be more cautious by always consulting professionals before taking or rubbing anything onto your skin. This can ensure your safety from any harmful chemicals these creams may contain.