Joint Pain and Stiffness – Why Is It So Hard To Move?


We use our joints all day, every day without even thinking about it. Typing on your laptop, picking up your baby out of her crib, and making a sandwich for lunch are all activities that require properly functioning joints to be possible. When you start to experience joint pain and stiffness for an unknown reason, it can be difficult to keep up with your life. Many people think that joint pain and stiffness is something they won’t have to worry about until they start to get older, but the truth is that joint pain and stiffness can strike at any time in life. If you’re tired of suffering from joint pain and stiffness for no apparent reason, here are some things you should know.

Joint Pain and StiffnessIf you were to ask a doctor for a medical explanation of why you are experiencing joint pain and stiffness, he or she would tell you that your synovium, which is the lining of the joint, has become inflamed. Inflammation can be caused by illness, infection, or injury. Older people often suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, a serious conditions that results in severe joint pain and stiffness as the body actually attacks its own cartilage. Many younger adults work in office settings which require them to repeat the same movements all day long. This can also contribute to joint pain and stiffness, although this discomfort might be more reversible.

If you’re tired of dealing with joint pain and stiffness, you should know that there are clinically proven ways to increase your mobility and regain control over your life. In most cases, it’s best to talk with your doctor about any new treatments or lifestyle changes you’re going to make to tackle your joint pain and stiffness. The most successful treatment plans for joint pain and stiffness will require you to make changes to your diet, exercise routine, and work habits. Dietary supplements are considered to be your best chance at eliminating joint pain and stiffness.

One of the best supplements for treating joint pain and stiffness is glucosamine. This substance is naturally produced by the body, but if you have been injured or ill, your body might not be able to produce as much as you need. Another supplement for treating joint pain and stiffness is chondroitin, another natural substance that can be taken orally to increase your body’s ability to create new cartilage and cushion your painful joints. Eliminating joint pain and stiffness can also be alleviated through slow, gentle exercises done each day.