Joint Health – Reducing the Effects of Arthritis


Did you know that if you took a survey of all the adults in the United States, over a third would tell you that they suffer from some sort of ongoing joint pain? Many of these people are suffering in silence because they think that compromised joint health is just a part of getting older, and there’s nothing they can do about it. The truth is that there are things that even Senior Citizens can be doing to improve their joint health and drastically reduce the pain and stiffness that’s prohibiting them from living normal productive lives.

Joint HealthOne of the most important things you can do to improve your joint health and minimize the symptoms of arthritis or any other degenerative joint disease is to lose weight. Just like a shopping cart loaded down with too many groceries becomes difficult to push, pull, and turn, a body loaded down with too much weight eventually experiences a decreased range of motion, and poor joint health. Changing your diet and committing to a gentle but consistent exercise routine are two easy ways that you can reduce the strain on your joints and increase muscle strength.

Another thing you can do to improve your joint health is to take a look at your footwear. If you are a woman or work in a formal office environment, the chances are that you’re wearing dress shoes or heels that force them to walk or stand in uncomfortable positions. In fact, studies have shown that females who wear high heeled shoes are 70 percent more likely to develop joint problems and back issues later in life. Even if you’re wearing comfortable sneakers or tennis shoes, you have to be sure that they fit right and are providing you with the correct amount of arch support. A fallen arch can compromise your back strength which will affect your entire bone structure.

If you are trying to make changes to your lifestyle and are finding that they aren’t providing any noticeable relief from your pain, you might want to try out some dietary supplements as a way of improving your joint health. Although there aren’t any conclusive scientific reports saying that chondroitin and glucosamine are proven to increase your cartilage production or mobility, many people say that they have drastically improved their join health by adding them to their medicinal routine. Always remember to inform your doctor before you make changes to your exercise or diet.