Joint Ache – Dealing With Consistent Discomfort


When you’re a kid, you run, jump, play, and tumble all day long without thinking for one second about the toll that this type of exertion might be having on your body. However, as you get older, strenuous exercise or physical activity can leave you with a nasty case of joint ache that could go on for days. Living with joint ache can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it prevents you from fulfilling your responsibilities at home and work. If you’ve been suffering from joint pain and are desperate for some relief from this condition, you’re going to have to isolate the cause of your joint pain, and work with your doctor to formulate a method for treatment.

Joint AcheMany people seem to think that joint ache is an inevitable part of getting older, and they don’t actively seek treatment because they think there’s just nothing they can do about their pain. The truth is there are many things that cause joint ache, and while some of them are brought on by conditions associated with advanced age, many causes of joint ache can be addressed through natural means at any age. If you’re living with joint ache and haven’t found relief, it’s important to know that diet and exercise are two of the way’s to regain control.

The most common types of joint ache are caused by osteoarthritis or other degenerative joint conditions, and these are usually most prevalent in patients of advanced age. It’s important that you visit with your doctor as soon as you begin to notice joint ache that lasts longer than your usual recovery period. If you know that a long game of basketball with your friends is going to leave you with joint ache for a day, you’ll want to hold off on the doctor visit unless you notice something out of the ordinary. Joint ache that persists for days and weeks might be caused by something more serious.

Medical conditions like tendinitis, Lyme disease, gout, and sickle cell disease can all cause you to experience symptoms that include joint ache. Of course, just changing your diet and getting some extra exercise won’t help you to recover from these serious conditions on your own. However, if you’re experiencing joint pain from temporary injury or arthritis, adding Glucosamine or Chondroitin to your diet and engaging in range of motion exercises can increase the strength of both cartilage and muscle, and reduce the joint ache that has inhibited your life.