How to Use Pain Relief Spray?

Janice CarsonBy: Janice Carson

As your body ages, you notice some symptoms appearing in your knees, elbows, ankles and other joints. A pain relief spray cannot only help those with arthritis or other aging problems but also those who have joint problem because of surgery or a medical condition. The pain relief spray contains a mixture of ingredients designed to relieve pain and stiffness in your joints. The product works like a cream or ointment but is less messy. When you use a cream, you typically need to rub that cream into the joint. A pain relief spray applies directly to the skin without the need for rubbing.

A pain relief spray comes in a large bottle with a spray cap on the top. You might notice that this looks similar to a bottle of hair spray or window cleaner, though in a smaller bottle. When you find that you have a painful joint, hold the bottle a few inches from your skin. Press down on the top of the pain relief spray and spritz a small amount on your skin. The product slowly absorbs into your skin. You should notice relief within a few minutes after using the pain relief spray.

You can also make the pain relief spray work faster by doing a small amount of rubbing. After you spray the product on your skin, quickly run the spray around the skin. The combination of the spray and the massaging of the skin help your body absorb the liquid faster. Consider wearing a pair of gloves when using the pain relief spray in this way. Some products contain mentholated ingredients that can make your hands feel tingly when you touch the pain relief spray.

Even though a pain relief spray can help with all types of pain, you should still use caution. Never use the pain relief spray around an open flame, including a fireplace or lit cigarettes. You should also avoid using a pain relief spray with a heating pad. No matter what type of pain you have, you can get some relief from a pain relief spray. Many people use sprays of this time when battling the symptoms of arthritis. Those with muscle strains or sprains can also get help from one of these sprays. A pain relief spray provides a simple way to relieve pain or stiffness that you feel in different areas of your body without a visit to a doctor.