How to Relieve Back Pain with Reflexology


Reflexology has been around for hundreds of years. It is a natural form of healing based on the theory that certain reflexes are present in the hands and feet which transmit to particular glands and organs. Thus, when pressure is applied to particular areas or “pressure points” energy blocks are removed and circulation goes back to normal, resulting in improved function of glands and organs. Reflexology is one of the most popular treatments for back pain today. However, it isn’t really as simple as most people think.

Here are tips on how to relieve back pain with reflexology:

Find a Reflexology Expert

Relieve Back Pain with Reflexology

First of all, it is impossible to instantly learn about reflexology and do it correctly just by reading the instructions. Hence, it is essential that you find a certified reflexology expert. To find the best reflexology expert in your area, look for references and positive feedback. This way, errors will be avoided and the patient will experience optimal relief from the reflexology session. Of course, relieving back pain with reflexology will usually not have immediate results. Typically, it takes at least 3 sessions to experience relief even with the best reflexologists.

Relax and Comfort

If you are determined to learn how to relieve back pain with reflexology and do it yourself, this is also possible. Just remember that learning will take time and some trial and error on your part. The first step in reflexology is making the patient feel comfortable. You can try using relaxing music and aromatherapy candles to help the patient feel more relaxed. This is very important and reflexology can only be successful if the patient is completely relaxed and comfortable. Most reflexology sessions require the patient to be sitting or standing comfortably.

Study and Master Reflexology Charts

Reflexology which is also known as zone therapy requires accuracy. To learn about the specific pressure points or areas, you should focus on study reflexology charts. Also, practice is necessary to determine the best amount of pressure to apply for certain areas. Furthermore, there are different massage techniques used by reflexologists that need to be studied. For the back area, certain areas of the hands and feet should be the focus. Reflexology charts can definitely help you learn more about these areas.


Reflexology is an art that cannot be mastered quickly. It takes a lot of time to learn the theories and it takes longer to accumulate enough experience. This is why the best option is to look for a certified reflexology expert to help you find relief for your back pain. However, if you are really eager to learn reflexology, you can do some research and self-study provided that you will take it seriously.