How Can You be Possibly Killing Your Knees?


Do you remember the days when you almost had bruises on your knees every other week due to constant playing? Those bruises were nothing compared to how you might be damaging your knees today. The only difference is that you cannot see the damage anymore; you just feel it. Your lifestyle and habits can be causing your knee pain and problems.

Daily Stress

How Can You be Possibly Killing Your Knees

The knee gets an enormous amount of stress every day. Your knee can feel stressed when running, walking or standing up. If you do not take care of your knee, you will be prone to chronic knee pain and may suffer from a knee disability soon. Anything you do with your knee impacts the health of the knee joints. Observe how you stand, walk or even the shoes you are wearing. Being unhealthy can also cause knee pain and problems.

Possible Causes

Are you obese or overweight? The weight your knee is carrying is a possible cause of knee pain. To make sure your knee is healthy, you must maintain your ideal weight and body mass index (BMI). It is important to note that for every extra pound, the knees carry 3 pounds of pressure. Obesity is one of the major causes of osteoarthritis. So, if you are on the heavy side, make sure you lose the extra weight to keep your knees and body healthy.

How physically active are you? The lack of exercise is another cause of knee pain. The more inactive you are, the weaker your knee joints will be. Regular exercise is needed to maintain the health and strength of the knees. When the knee muscles are weak, the joints, ligaments, tendons and bones lack the support they need. Thus, you will be vulnerable to misalignment and injuries. If you are already suffering from knee problems, you can do low-impact or low-risk knee exercises. These exercises should improve your flexibility, knee strength and stamina. You can try doing yoga, swimming, biking and walking.

Do you tend to overuse your knee joints and muscles? Overworking your knees is a common cause of knee pain. While staying active is recommended, repetitive strain on the knee joints and muscles should be avoided. The constant and repetitive movement can loosen the tendons which will lead to cartilage damage. As a result, you can develop knee injuries or arthritis. How will you know if you are overusing your knees? If you have already started feeling some pain when doing an activity, you need to take a break and rest your knees.

The best way to avoid knee pain and problems is to strengthen the knees and always keep fit. Do what you must to lose weight and protect your knees at all times.