Home Remedy for Back Pain


If you’re suffering from back pain, you aren’t alone. Millions of people do so, so many that it’s estimated over eighty percent of Americans have experienced to some degree. While plenty of expensive treatments exist, finding a home remedy for back pain is often easy, safe, effective, and inexpensive. Whether you want to avoid spending a fortune or would rather handle things naturally, finding the best Home Remedy for Back Pain is often in your best interest. In many cases you’ll be able to get back your mobility and eliminate your pain simply by following a few simple steps. Often, a home remedy for back pain is much more effective than you’re likely to suspect.

Home Remedy for Back PainThe most obvious home remedy for back pain is also one of the most effective. Massage, especially with soothing oils or lotions and heat, can make a dramatic difference in your overall back pain. By relaxing the muscles and helping relieve the tension that builds up over time, this home remedy for back pain can help you more effectively than the majority of commercial treatments available and many people actually visit a professional masseuse for just this reason. Obviously, however, it isn’t the only home remedy for back pain that is out there.

Cold and heat are two more options that, when combined, serve as a highly effective home remedy for back pain. Twenty minutes with an ice press followed by a rest period or twenty minutes in a warm bath can help. Alternating cold with heat is one of the oldest and most well-known types of home remedy for back pain, and combining this with massage may be all that you need to get back on your feet. Some people rub St. John’s Wort directly onto the skin as a home remedy for back pain, and other supplements and creams may help as well.

It’s also worth mentioning that when it comes to finding a good home remedy for Back Pain, the best offense is a good defense. Don’t lift objects that you know are too heavy for you to manage, lift with your knees, and give your back a break from time to time. Even good posture can serve as a great home remedy for back pain. Finally, regular stretching exercises recommended by your physician can be the best home remedy for back pain you can use. This will help keep the back in good shape and prevent major sprains or damage in most cases.