Hip Pain Relief – Wild Cucumber Bark


Pain associated with arthritis activity can severely limit mobility and daily activity levels, especially when that pain is located in a primary walking joint such as the hip. Hip pain relief can make the difference in how active arthritis patients are able to remain. There are many herbal remedies available for arthritic concerns such as hip pain relief. Wild cucumber bark is an excellent example of one of the numerous herbal remedies used to provide for Hip Pain Relief and other relief from other arthritic symptoms. Unlike many over the counter preparations, herbal remedies such as wild cucumber bark do not have as many harmful side effects.

Hip Pain ReliefHip pain relief using an herbal remedy like wild cucumber bark can be as simple as preparing a cup of tea, or adding the herb to a glass of wine or can of beer. It has been claimed by many herbalists to be one of the best plants for use in gaining hip pain relief as well as relief from other rheumatoid and osteoarthritis symptoms such as inflammation of the joints and joint stiffness. To get the most hip Pain Relief from wild cucumber bark, a teaspoon three times per day and an additional tablespoon at night is the most common recommended dosage.

While the hip pain relief qualities of this herb are widely known to herbalists, it is necessary to point out side effects to a novice user. Wild cucumber is also used as a laxative. To prevent issues such as diarrhea when using this herb for hip pain relief, it may be necessary to adjust daily intake levels. Users must balance the level of hip pain relief they need with the least amount of wild cucumber so as to keep bowels from becoming too loose.

Additionally, since wild cucumber bark can be added to drinking alcohol such as wine or beer, users should take care to keep consumption to a minimum. Hip Pain Relief is necessary to maintain mobility and an active lifestyle, but it is not required to use this herb with alcohol. A simple tea made from steeping the bark in warm water can provide the same hip pain relief without excessive intact of alcohol. However, if your doctor has recommended a glass of red wine per day for circulatory or cardiovascular health, cucumber bark can be added to provide hip pain relief as well as the health benefits of red wine.