Glucosamine Health – Pain Relief and Prevention


For many people suffering from joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, “glucosamine” should be a familiar term. Widely known for its analgesic properties in relation to joint Pain, it has helped to ease the pain and suffering of many people afflicted with osteoarthritis. But the benefits of a glucosamine health supplement don’t stop at pain relief. In fact, many people believe that using a glucosamine health supplement can actually contribute to joint health and prevent the deterioration of joints. People at high risk for joint pain later in life, such as athletes and those with a family history of arthritis are taking Glucosamine Health supplements to protect their joints.

Glucosamine HealthGlucosamine is an amino sugar, one of the most abundant monosaccharides in nature. It’s crucial to the formation of cartilage, and many people who take glucosamine health supplements believe that it can slow the deterioration of cartilage, decrease inflammation in joints, and even help to regenerate new cartilage in joints where cartilage has already been worn down. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is doubtful that Glucosamine Health supplements can actually do this, many people taking glucosamine health supplements have reported a decrease in pain and an increase in mobility after taking such supplements.

As the FDA is dubious about glucosamine health supplements’ ability to alleviate pain, it’s likewise skeptical about its effects as a preventative measure. Studies on the efficacy of Glucosamine Health supplements in slowing the deterioration of joint cartilage haven’t shown very hopeful results. But for those who face an almost certain future of arthritis and joint pain due to an active lifestyle or genetic predisposition cling to the hope that glucosamine health supplements can provide. It may not be a surefire way to prevent osteoarthritis in the future, but it’s better to have a shred of hope than none at all.

Since Glucosamine Health supplements are not considered medical drugs, you can purchase them over-the-counter, and at a reasonable price. After weighing the benefits of glucosamine health supplements against the possibility that they won’t work, many people still opt to give them a shot. Whether it’s because they’ve heard stories about people who have responded well to this remedy or because they simply have to try something in order to avoid a future of joint Pain, glucosamine health supplements can at least provide a glimmer of hope. And, for some people, the possibility of a remedy is almost as good as a surefire remedy.