Glucosamine HCl – A Effective Way to your Joints


Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is a popular remedy for joint Pain. It’s usually found in pill form, and is often combined with different salts in order to stabilize the glucosamine, which can deteriorate quickly when it is exposed to moisture because it is hygroscopic (it attracts water molecules). One of the most popular glucosamine compounds is glucosamine hydrochloride, or glucosamine HCl. Glucosamine HCl offers the stability that the glucosamine needs in order to deliver as much glucosamine to your joints as possible. Glucosamine HCl is far more effective than glucosamine alone because more of it reaches the areas that you need to treat.

Glucosamine HClGlucosamine may be very hygroscopic, but not as much so as HCl. When glucosamine alone is ingested, much of it bonds to the water it encounters in your digestive tract, meaning that very little of it actually makes it to your joints, where you need it the most. But when Glucosamine HCl is ingested, the water bonds with the hydrochloride instead of the glucosamine, leaving more glucosamine to reach your joints. In that way, glucosamine HCl takes into account the fact that it has to pass through your digestive tract before it can do any good. Glucosamine HCl is very effective at solving that problem.

Glucosamine HCl is also good at stabilizing the glucosamine without also corrupting it; it doesn’t want to bond with the glucosamine itself. And it’s a simple salt, so it bonds easily with water before the water has an opportunity to become attracted to the glucosamine molecules. And because HCl is generally stable on its own, Glucosamine HCl doesn’t itself need to be stabilized to prevent it from losing effectiveness the longer it’s exposed to moisture in the air. However, it’s always best to keep glucosamine HCl in an airtight container to keep it at peak effectiveness.

Using HCl to stabilize glucosamine is a great way to keep glucosamine from degrading, both on the shelf and in the digestive tract. With these stabilizers at work, you’re sure to get as much glucosamine to where it needs to go when you take Glucosamine HCl. And glucosamine HCl is readily available and easily priced; you don’t need to pay a premium to get the best glucosamine delivery system. While the effectiveness of glucosamine on joint Pain varies from person to person, using glucosamine HCl is a great way to make sure that you get as much of the good stuff to the problem area as possible.