Glucosamine and MSM – Help for Joint Inflammation


When it comes to remedies for joint Pain, today’s hottest fix has got to be glucosamine. Glucosamine is a dietary supplement, not a medical drug, so there are fewer restrictions on it than on medical drugs. It’s available over the counter, and many people have reported feeling less pain and better mobility in their joints after using it. One of the most popular formulas for glucosamine is glucosamine MSM. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) can help glucosamine MSM to be an effective remedy against joint pain and other symptoms of osteoarthritis. Glucosamine MSM may be considered an “alternative” remedy, but it has worked to help many people.

Glucosamine MSMThe foundation for glucosamine MSM is the glucosamine, of course. It’s an amino sugar; a monosaccharide. It’s one of the most abundant sugars of its kind on the face of the planet. Glucosamine is a major component of cartilage, which explains why glucosamine MSM is so effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis symptoms such as swelling and stiffness. The glucosamine in Glucosamine MSM is thought to bolster the cartilage against further deterioration, as well as to revitalize the existing cartilage to make it more resilient against further damage. This helps to increase mobility and decrease pain.

The other important component of glucosamine MSM is the MSM. MSM is a natural source of sulfur, and it has an anti-inflammatory effect without the side effects that often accompany NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), the other common remedy for arthritis pain. Glucosamine MSM offers some of the same anti-inflammatory effects with fewer side effects for most people, making it a better choice. Studies have shown that people who took Glucosamine MSM reported relief in their osteoarthritis symptoms after taking it. MSM is still undergoing testing to chart its long-term effectiveness, but there are many people who will swear by it and its ability to alleviate joint Pain.

If you suffer from joint pain, then you know how difficult it can be simply to manage the pain so that you can function on a day-to-day basis. If Glucosamine MSM can provide you with the help you need, then you owe it to yourself to try Glucosamine MSM to see if it will work for you. You may need to try a few different ratios of glucosamine to MSM before you find a combination that works, but you’re sure to find the right one for you eventually. Then, you can thank Glucosamine MSM for helping you to live past the pain.