Glucosamine 1500mg – A Best Selling Dietary Supplement


Glucosamine 1500mg is the best selling non-vitamin, non-mineral nutritional supplement out there. Millions of bottles have been sold. The reason is because glucosamine 1500mg has brought relief to so many people. Glucosamine is a vital part of achieving optimal joint health, and plays a role in regenerating lost cartilage. While there are several different dosages tossed around some lower, some higher the most common dosage for glucosamine is 1500 milligrams. Glucosamine 1500 mg is usually the sulfated form of glucosamine, and each dose contains 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine. Formulas do exist that contain around 3,000 milligrams of glucosamine or more, but those are primarily for horses, and you’re not a horse, are you?

Glucosamine 1500 mgWe can talk about the science behind what makes glucosamine, but let’s keep it simple. When blood sugar bonds with an amino acid, glucosamine is the end result. It resides in joint cartilage, and is one of the building blocks that make up cartilage. Glucosamine 1500mg is derived from shellfish, but alternative versions use fermented grains to generate the active ingredient. Glucosamine 1500mg aids arthritis sufferers by reducing pain and inflammation, as well as improving joint mobility and flexibility. You don’t even need to have arthritis to take glucosamine 1500mg, since everyone can benefit from improved joint health.

Glucosamine 1500mg liquid is the most effective way to take glucosamine. It avoids the messy side effects and gets the active ingredient into the blood stream fast. The liquids are usually flavored so it has a pleasing taste. Since Glucosamine 1500mg is derived from blood sugar, it tends to raise the blood sugar levels of those taking it. Diabetics and those somewhat resistant to insulin should take note, since taking glucosamine 1500mg could throw their blood sugar levels out of whack.

Glucosamine 1500mg is the recommended dosage for most people who want solid joint pain relief. If they also have arthritis, it can help reduce the inflammation caused by it. Glucosamine 1500mg is a best-selling supplement because of where it occurs in nature and its effectiveness in regenerating cartilage that may have deteriorated over time. With glucosamine, the higher the dosage, the faster acting it can be, but only incrementally as it’s a slow-acting drug regardless. A daily joint health regimen probably should include Glucosamine 1500mg because of the positive effect it can have on your joints.