Glucosamine 1000 – What You Need for Arthritis Relief


Glucosamine is available in several dosages, but the two most common are 1000 mg and 1500 mg. While 1500 mg is the generally accepted dosage, glucosamine 1000 is also effective for joint health. The lower dosage also means that it will take longer for the supplement to take effect, but for many people, it’s an acceptable trade off for milder possible side effects. Glucosamine 1000 usually consists of glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, or a blend of both. This is the most effective blend of Glucosamine 1000. Consumers should stay far away from the formulations with heavy amounts of salt in them, as they usually contain lower quality glucosamine.

Glucosamine 1000Glucosamine is an amino sugar. To the layperson, that means it consists of glucose, or blood sugar, coupled with an amino acid. It is the foundation of what cartilage is made of. Glucosamine 1000 is commonly derived from shellfish, but there is a vegetarian formula made through alternative means for those allergic to shellfish. There is virtually no difference between Glucosamine 1000 and glucosamine 1500 other than 500 extra milligrams of active ingredient. It improves joint health, regenerates joint cartilage, and can reduce joint inflammation. The primary function of Glucosamine 1000, however, is to promote good flexibility and mobility.

The common side effects of Glucosamine 1000 are nausea and mild stomach upset. A rather strange side effect of taking glucosamine 1000 is an increase in the blood sugar level. This is of special concern to diabetics, since they need to watch their insulin levels to maintain a manageable blood sugar level. Glucosamine 1000 usually costs between $10 and $15 for about 200 caplets, but the liquid version is the best kind. There is a far fewer chance for side effects, and the main ingredient gets absorbed by the body faster than taking capsules or tablets.

So, to reiterate things, glucosamine 1000 is the second most common dosage of glucosamine, with 1500 mg being the most common and recommended dosage. However, there are times when the highest dosage isn’t necessary. Glucosamine 1000 can be used for daily joint health maintenance, much like how low-dosage aspirin is taken daily for heart health. Although the liquid form of Glucosamine 1000 is preferred, the powdered form can be just as good. The powder can be mixed with water to become a liquid version of the supplement. The powders are usually flavored orange to give it a pleasing taste.