Foot Joint Pain Treatments


The Frail Human Foot

The human foot has over 30 joints that interconnect with about 26 bones. It seems that in spite of our overwhelming intellectual advantage over other animals here on earth, our body especially our foot, unlike many walking animals, is very prone to disorders such as inflammation of the joints. A lot people having foot joint problems suffer from joint inflammation accompanied by tenderness and intense swelling. Redness and stiffness can also be experienced and in more serious cases, bruises and redness might also occur.

Unlike most animals the human feet can easily be affected by various factors that can cause foot joint pain.

Treating Foot Joint Pain

These factors can be:

  • Inherent weak structural framework of the foot
  • Gout
  • Infection
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Trauma

The weak structure of the anatomical framework of the foot makes it prone to injuries and wear and tear of its joints and muscles.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

If you take any anti-inflammatory meds for your joint pain, be sure they don’t contain steroids. Although still an evolving science, herbal medication is a safer remedy for foot joint pain although there are still herbal drug manufacturers who include ingredients in their formulation which may worsen the user’s condition.

The growing consciousness of people to information coming from the internet about mainstream conventional medical science has made alternative medicine a major player in the treatment of human’s diseases. The theme of alternative medicine is the treatment of pain and illness through natural, safe and effective means. However, conventional medicines remain the first choice as ibuprofen is still the most common remedy for foot joint pain. In line with this, there are Orthotic devices that can be used by patient to walk around more comfortably without complaining about foot joint pain.

Other Kinds of Foot Joint Pain Treatment

Sometimes one’s diet can trigger foot joint pain. It is good to be aware of the foods that can trigger or cause foot joint pain. For people with gout and arthritis, some of the products they need to avoid are nuts, eggs and foods with high amounts of uric acid. One can also take in supplements that can aid in the prevention of foot joint pain. The best approach in treating foot joint pain is to see a doctor first.

One effective natural treatment for foot joint pain is ice. Ice helps lessen the inflammation and pain.

Alternative medicine will eventually catch up in terms of immediate efficacy with mainstream medicine which a lot of people today find bothersome to take due to its various side effects.