Finger Joint Pain Causes


Deformed and Painful Fingers: What Cause Them?

Finger joint pain can bring multiple troubles in your whole body. It will affect not only your physical and mental aspects but your entire activities for the day. Sometimes, because your concentration is hindered by pain, it could be very hard to deal with.

In order not to worsen your situation, you should know finger joint pain causes. From there, you can choose the right treatment for your condition.

Causes of Finger Joint Pain

Finger Joint Pain causesTrigger Finger
The trigger finger is a disorder commonly seen in old ages. This is characterized by the locking, snapping, and catching that involve the tendons of the finger, partnered with pain and incapacity.

It is called “trigger” because of the seemingly gun effect when the finger unlocks. There is a gap in size between the retinacular pulley system and the flexor tendon. This disparity may result in the struggle of flexing the finger.

Felon Infection
This is the infection inside finger’s tip. It can form a pocket of pus which will give excessive pain as it inflates. The deep location of the pus makes it worse. Usually, it can be caused by bacterial infection in particular, by the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

You’ll know if it’s felon infection if you can feel an extreme ache at your fingertip. You can also see a swelling at the end of your finger.

It is very important that you seek a medical assistance immediately. The bacteria pocket might expand more and compress the blood vessels and cause permanent damage.

Paronychia is an infection in the nail. It’s commonly caused by fungal or bacterial infection. There can be two types of this infection: (1) acute paronychia or (2) chronic paronychia. The former entails sudden infection while the latter takes time.

Glomus Tumor
Glomus tumor is one of the causes of joint pain that can also affect the fingers. It is an unusual benign neoplasm sprouting from the glomus body, a layer of the skin where the body temperature regulates.

Mallet Finger
This is an injury seen on the finger’s extensor digitorum tendon. It may come from the hyperflexion of the said tendon.

Kirner Deformity
Kirner Deformity is the unnatural palmo-radial curvature in the little finger. The deformity of this finger is not that pretty to ponder.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Among the causes of joint pain, this syndrome is the number one cause of pain among the fingers. This syndrome occurs when the tendons in the tunnel swell or bloat.

Aside from the aches, carpal tunnel syndrome also brings numbness of the thumb, ring and index finger. This tingling sensation may happen during sleeping time.

Factors that might trigger this syndrome are obesity, diabetes, pregnancy, and hypothyroidism. It could also occur when your work entails the use of vibrating tools.