Feet Pain Causes: Why Your Feet Hurt Most of the Time


The major feet pain causes are stem stiffness and inflammation. Typical reasons why the joints stiffen or inflame can include arthritis, bursitis and trauma. Some people are born with structurally misaligned bones and joints that can also result in foot joint pain. Some examples are the toes and the foot arch. When the toes are structurally not aligned or if you have feet that arch wrongly, then you can end up with pain in your foot joint and bones.

It’s in the Shoes You Wear

Why Your Feet Hurt Most of the Time

A fundamental way to address foot joint pain is merely by wearing shoes with correct size and comfort. Basically, a lot of people especially women suffer from feet, back and neck problems because they wear high heeled shoes that are more for aesthetic purposes than for comfort and practicality. Shoes are very important when it comes to the care of your knees, legs, ankles and feet among others. Shoes can help flat footed people to walk more comfortably. Certain shoes have inserts that serves as an arch to support the joints, legs and back of the flat footed person. People with misaligned toes can avail of toe shields that can aid in properly aligning the toes to the shoes.


In terms of illnesses, one typical illness that can feet pain causes is gout. This problem is due to too much build-up of uric acid in the body. Uric acid is used by the body to process purine which is an essential nutrient for the body. Too much uric acid in the body can cause the uric acid to crystallize and settle in the joints causing inflammation and pain. Gout makes the feet and legs swell up making it difficult for the person to walk. To avoid adding too much uric acid in the body, stay away from nuts and red meat and foods high in uric acid content.


Injury can also result in foot joint pain. Usually the wearing of wrong footwear can cause foot or leg injury such as strain or sprain.

Treatments for Foot Joint Pain

Anti-inflammatory are the number one choiceof people when it comes to treating foot joint pain. Another popular method of treatment is a hot or cold compress. Putting ice to the sore spot can bring relief to the person and help lessen the swelling. Topical creams can also treat foot joint pain. However, if the pain is too severe or chronic, medical attention is required to properly diagnose and treat the patient. Foot joint pain canalso be caused by one’s weight especially if he/she is overweight. The extra weight puts pressure on all the muscles and joints of the body which can eventually lead to physical pain.