Exercises for a Swollen Knee

Janice CarsonJanice Carson

A swollen knee is something that affects millions of people every day. Many people immediately head to the doctor, thinking that they have a serious condition. If you only notice swelling without any pain, you might suffer from tendinitis or another condition caused by overuse. You can easily treat a swollen knee at home with exercise. These exercises slowly work out any kinks or problems in the knee, making walking and standing feel better. Some of the top swollen knee exercises are simple exercises that you can do in a few minutes while watching television.

One exercises for a swollen knee is the bent-leg raise. Sit down in a chair and raise your bad knee until it sticks straight out in front of you. Hold your knee in front of you for 60 seconds or as long as your swollen knee can handle the motion. Flex your leg down so that your knee is slightly bent. Step down as if putting your foot on the floor but stop before you actually touch the floor. Stay in this position for 20 to 30 seconds before moving your swollen knee back into the air.

Another helpful swollen knee exercise is a hamstring curl. Move in front of a wall in your home and step forward until your upper body and upper legs touch the wall. Lift your swollen knee carefully, bringing it up along the wall. Move your leg up as far as you can reach and slowly put your toes behind your body. You should notice a slight pulling sensation in your lower leg. Stay in this position for at least five seconds before dropping your swollen knee back to the ground. Start by doing only one stretch at a time. If your knee still feels comfortable, repeat the motion ten times in a row.

Exercising is a simple way to treat a swollen knee. Listen to your body when doing these simple stretches, making sure that you never go beyond what your knee is capable of doing. Stop the exercises if you feel pain in your swollen knee. The point of the exercises is to gently stretch the muscles and tendons without causing any further damage. Use the exercise in combination with rest and elevation of your injured knee. If you still notice swelling and pain after several days, talk to your doctor about the possible causes of your swollen knee.