Everolimus Breast Cancer Drug With No Effect On Bones


Women with breast cancer have a few treatment options. One of which is chemotherapy in which the body undergoes radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is effective in killing cancer cells but it also affects the bone’s health. Now, Everolimus breast cancer drug has been discovered. Not only does it help in saving women’s lives but it does not have any side-effects on the bones too.

Everolimus And Breast Cancer

Everolimus: Breast Cancer Drug With No Effect On BonesThere are about 12,000 women who die from advanced breast cancer. This is when the cancer cells from the breasts starts spreading to the other parts of the body. Specialists say that 8,000 of these women can benefit from Everolimus as the drug stalls advanced cancer.

A breast cancer drug blocks the cancer cells by lowering hormone levels like estrogen. This is how the drug stops or slows down the growth of the tumor. However, the cancer cells become resistant to these drugs over time. When this happens, the tumor starts growing again. Chemotherapy is the best option left but it has debilitating side-effects.

Here comes Everolimus in the picture. It is marketed by Novartis but is under the brand name of Afinitor. This drug is designed for menopausal women who have already developed a resistance to the hormonal treatments. Everolimus targets the other proteins in the cancer cells; these proteins control the growth of the cancer cells.

A study was done to show the effectiveness of Everolimus. 485 women were given Everolimus while 239 women were given a dummy drug. After 18 months, significant results were identified. The group of women who took the dummy pill with exemestane stalled tumor growth by 3.2 months. The group of women who took Everolimus with exemestane stalled tumor growth by 7.8 months. These results are changing the history of the breast cancer disease.

Scientists are very happy with this discovery. They say that it is the most significant breakthrough in advanced breast cancer treatment yet. With the ability to help 8,000 women a year, this breast cancer drug will change or redefine breast cancer treatments. Best of all, women are no longer confined to undergoing chemotherapy which has severe side-effects in other parts of the body.

Taking Everolimus may have mild side-effects including mouth tissue inflammation, fatigue, diarrhea and rashes but that is it. However, do not mistake Everolimus as a cure for treating cancer. This breast cancer drug is not a cure but it will definitely help in prolonging the lives of women so they can share more quality time with their families.

Everolimus And Bones

In evaluating the bone-related effects of this breast cancer drug, scientists have made a great discovery as well. Women who are in active treatment of everolimus with exemestane had improved levels of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase. Also, it was discovered that the incidence rate of progressive bone disease from breast cancer treatments was lower in people taking everolimus.