Elbow Joint Pain Symptoms


Getting to Know the 5 Symptoms of Elbow Joint Pain

The elbow is one of the most important parts of our body and it is used to rotate the forearm. The three long bones in the arms are met with this joint. Suffering from elbow pain can be debilitating and may hinder your daily routine.Usually, elbow joint pain is characterized by swelling and inflammation of tendons and are often the results of accidents and overuse.

Elbow joint pain symptoms can be indicated through the following:

Elbow Joint pain symptomsSharp pains Usually, the pain starts as a minor but progresses to severe but with sharp pain. The pain travels through the forearm and hands. This is usually felt while holding something with a tight grip. The pain may also be experienced after performing a certain activity.

Pain is felt at night

Another symptom is an unpleasant feeling on the joints at night. Sometimes, if pain is already felt during the day the pain gets worse during colder temperature.

Joints are tender

The feeling of discomfort is aggravated because of sensitivity to pain. It feels like the joints can be easily crushed or bruised because of its sensitivity.

Discomfort after movement

There is a feeling of uneasiness when moving or using the elbow. This results in lesser power in moving the joint.

Discolored skin

When the symptom gets worse, skin changes and bruises may be observed. Sometimes, bleeding occurs. Consider this as a case of emergency and seek medical attention at once.

Most of the time, elbow joint pain is not serious. However, misuse and overuse of this part of the body can cause a damage or injury. If this happens, it can definitely affect our daily activities and way of life.

Most of the time, we tend to take for granted simple elbow joint pains that we experience. Consult a medical practitioner once you feel that there is something wrong with your elbows or any part of your body to prevent having a more serious problem. In the case of elbow joint pain, the doctor may prescribe a pain reliever or medication. Some may also give you advice regarding the routines that you should do at home, exercise or therapy. However, in some severe cases, doctors may advise you to undergo surgery.

As mentioned, elbow is one the significant part of our body and is used every day. Therefore, we should do our best to take care of it as much as we could. Try to pull or push things lightly or do not give your full power during movements. Warm-up or do some stretching before doing any exercise routine and make sure to select exercise properly. Choose one that will not give too much pressure to your elbows. Take supplements that are rich in Calcium. Lastly, make sure that you rest your elbows or your forearms after a very strenuous activity to give it time to recharge energy.