Elbow Joint Pain Causes


4 Important Symptoms of Elbow Join Pain that You Should Know

The elbow is where the upper arm and the forearm meet. Because of a sedentary lifestyle or excessive stress brought about by sporting activities, elbow joint pain sometimes occurs. Nowadays, even those from the younger set are not spared from elbow joint pain.

Some causes of this condition are:

Lateral Epicondylitis

Elbow Joint pain causesThis is sometimes called Tennis Elbow. Patients with this symptom may not be tennis players but those who often use their forearms with repetitive twisting motions. There is a feeling of swelling and tenderness on the elbow and is felt usually after the strenuous activity. It is characterized by pain when opening the hand or fingers. One home remedy for this type of pain is cold compress to reduce the swelling of joints.

Medial Epicondylitis

This is sometimes called Golfer’s Elbow and is characterized by a pain in the inner part of the joints. Pain could also be felt when making a fist. Just like Lateral Epicondylitis, repetitive arm-twisting movements may cause the pain and can become aggravated if not given proper medical attention right away. A cold compress is a good remedy for this condition.

Broken Elbow

A broken elbow can be a result of a car accident or extreme sports. A fracture in the elbow, whether minor or severe is an emergency case and may even require surgery.

Elbow Sprain

A sprain is caused by tears in ligaments or soft tissues due to stretching. There is a feeling of tingling or swelling and may require rest, exercise or therapy.

Other common symptoms are difficulty in gripping and grasping objects.

Different treatments are available for this condition like cold compress or ice application to sooth the swelling, massage, acupuncture, casting or bracing of elbow. Doctors may also advice taking anti-inflammatory medicines or pain relievers. However, for severe cases of elbow join pain, surgery is suggested especially if pain is not resolved within a few months of treatment.

Elbow pain should never ever be taken lightly. Also, we should make sure that our elbows are not abused during our daily activities, sports and hobbies. Avoid putting too much pressure on the elbow joints. Do some exercises as well like hand weights to strengthen your forearms, but make sure that you are applying correct techniques so as not to aggravate the condition. Always do a warm-up before doing any strenuous exercises and cool down after.

Make sure to give your elbows a rest after giving excessive pressure to it. Consult your doctor if you feel that there’s something wrong with your elbows so proper treatment can be given right away.