Clicking Knee – Is It Harmful?


Clicking knee generally refers to sound an individual hears when they move their knee joint. A person may notice clicking knee when they get up after sitting down or when they take part in any type of physical activity that requires them to walk or run. In most cases clicking knee is due to a buildup of gases in the cavity of the knee. In these cases, clicking knee is harmless, although it may be a little alarming. If, however, clicking knee is accompanied by a sharp pain then it may be a signal that an individual is experiencing the onset of arthritis.

Clicking knee is one of the very first signs of individual get that there knee joints are beginning to experience to generation. Other symptoms that this is the case may include tenderness of the joint or minor stiffness. An individual experiences any combination of these in addition to clicking knee should consider discussing their condition with a physician. Of course, just because an individual hears a clicking knee and experience is a little stiffness does not necessarily mean that they are guaranteed to be in the beginning stages of arthritis.

Avoiding the sound of the clicking knee can be done if a person limits sudden or jerky movements. Since just about all sports put an added level of stress on the knee joints, an individual concerned about clicking the may want to limit their activity or take special care to reduce the impact on their needs. The one exception to this is when it comes to swimming. An individual who is dealing with clicking the button does not want to give up on all physical activity may want to consider adding swimming to their routine since it does not stress the joints but still provides a person with a great workout.

A person may also experience clicking the while carrying heavy weights around. This does not mean that a person has to be undergoing strenuous weight training in order to hear a clicking knee. Simply carrying a heavy bag of groceries from the car into the house may be all that it takes to start a clicking knee. An individual that has any concern about the sound they hear coming from their knee will want to consult with an experienced physical therapist or physician in order to get a better idea of whether or not there clicking knee is a warning sign of a more dangerous condition.