Causes of Osteoarthritis – Assessing If You Are at Risk


Osteoarthritis is a degenerate condition that affects your body’s cartilage. The cartilage wears away over time and causes severe pain for the patient suffering from the condition. There are a number of potential causes of osteoarthritis, many of which will be explored right here. By understanding what the Causes of Osteoarthritis are, you may be able to better protect yourself against a potential onset of the problems. There is no cure for this condition out yet, so it is in your best interest to avoid it as long as possible. Here we will break down the potential causes of osteoarthritis so you can do just that.

Causes of OsteoarthritisOne of the biggest causes of osteoarthritis is age. Around the age of 45, some people start to see a degeneration of their cartilage. This factor is somewhat unavoidable, but the other causes of osteoarthritis may make the chances of pain because of age increase. The reason that age is one of the causes of osteoarthritis is because older people have more water in their cartilage. Thus the protein in the joins begins to wear away. The result is the flaking cartilage that causes pain in various joints on the body.

Weight can also be one of the causes of osteoarthritis, depending on the situation. Since weight puts pressure on the joints, the chances of them rubbing together and eventually flaking increases. If you are overweight, you may find your size to be one of your personal causes of osteoarthritis. Thus it would be in your best interest to stay on a healthy diet and remain fit while your body still allows you to do so. Diabetes is also potentially one of the causes of osteoarthritis, so your healthy diet can prevent the onset of that as well.

If you have to do a lot of physical activities, your movements could be one of the causes of osteoarthritis. That is because the more you move, the more your joints have to work. This is one of the causes of osteoarthritis because it forces pressure in those already compromised areas of the body. Some people say that genetics are also part of the causes of osteoarthritis, but that has not been determined yet. The theory is that this condition is passed throughout a family line, but there is no hard evidence for that at present. Overall, there are a number of causes of osteoarthritis to look out for to help your pains decrease.