Canine Joint Supplement – What Ingredients Are in Canine Joint Supplement?


Humans are not alone in the development of osteoarthritis as they age, as dogs, too, can suffer with this wear and tear on joints as they grow older. Like humans, dogs can benefit from a supplement made for them. A canine joint supplement can help a dog’s joints stay healthy and keep it moving pain free. Most dogs probably need to start receiving a canine joint supplement at about three or four years of age, or as directed by a vet. The canine joint supplements contain the same ingredients in human joint supplements, including MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin.

MSM is a great canine joint supplement because it works to help alleviate both inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. It also helps with flexibility and permeability of cell walls, making it easier for fluids to pass through the tissues. This helps relieve the pain and pressure caused by inflamed or swollen cells. Dogs suffering with osteoarthritis can greatly benefits from taking a canine joint supplement containing MSM. It is widely used and recommended for dogs suffering with joint pain, so look for MSM as an ingredient in any canine joint supplement purchased, especially for dogs suffering with osteoarthritis symptoms.

Glucosamine is another ingredient commonly found in a canine joint supplement. It is one of the main components necessary for the creation of joint lubricants and shock absorbers. Glucosamine is essential to the maintenance and restoration of healthy canine joints and one product to look for in any canine joint supplement. There is more than one form of glucosamine, so for better absorption, the canine joint supplement should contain the sulfate form. The purity of glucosamine may vary by product, so it is best to buy the canine joint supplement from a reputable company to ensure the product works well for your pet.

Chondroitin sulfate is another important ingredient in many canine joint supplement products. It helps control the movement of water in and out of the joints. A decrease if chondroitin in a joint reduces water flow, leading to hardening and dehydration of the joints. This leads to a reduction in cushioning for the joint as well. Many canine joint supplement products contain all three products and since chondroitin has an anti-inflammatory affect, when it is combined with glucosamine it make an excellent pain reliever. It may even reduce or eliminate the need for NSAIDs. For those with questions, a vet can offer advice on the various canine joint supplement products available.