Back Osteoarthritis – A Basic Understanding of the Condition


Back osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage of the spine breaks down and deteriorates over time. This causes the spinal joints to scrape against each other instead of sliding smoothly, due to the rough edges of the cartilage. Because of this, people with back osteoarthritis find it very hard to move around, especially when it comes to bending over. The problem here is that bone spurs may eventually form as a result of the Back Osteoarthritis, which can lead to a whole different slew of problems. It’s best to treat your back osteoarthritis as much as possible to prevent further damage down the road.
Back OsteoarthritisYou can have back osteoarthritis all along the spine. The location of this varies from one person to the next. Most people experience back osteoarthritis, which makes sense because of the weight bearing abilities of that part of the body. Most of your mechanics are centered on the lower back, which is why the Back Osteoarthritis would form there in the area of greatest use. You may also get osteoarthritis of the neck, which may be caused form not moving your neck around enough. Upper back osteoarthritis is less common, but it usually happens in people who slouch a lot, like those who work on their computers.

The main symptom of Back Osteoarthritis is pain. If you wake up in the morning and feel back discomfort for at least thirty minutes after getting out of bed, chances are you have back osteoarthritis. This condition will be best in the morning but will get worse throughout the day as your body carries additional stress with it. You can have your back osteoarthritis diagnosed by your doctor through a series of tests. Inflammation may occur for the back osteoarthritis, but that depends on what stage yours is in.

You can avoid a lot of the pains of Back Osteoarthritis by not using your back much. Avoid heavy lifting and try to recline as often as possible. There are exercises out there that you can use to make your back a bit stronger, and you may even be able to see a physical therapist about your back osteoarthritis. If you notice inflammation, you can apply ice to help your Back Osteoarthritis. If you feel pain with no inflammation, a heating pad would help as well. If you are overweight, going on a diet will relieve a lot of the pressure your body may be going through. Talk to your doctor about the rest of your options so you can lead a happy life even with the back osteoarthritis.