Back and Shoulder Pain – Common Causes


When you are suffering from back and shoulder pain, several factors may be involved. Many people develop chronic back and shoulder pain over a long period of time, and it can be the result of something as simple as bad posture. This is a very common complaint among people who have spent years with very bad posture. Back and shoulder pain is often caused by irritation in the muscles or by joints that don’t function properly. Muscular irritation is also known as myofascial pain.

When you develop back and shoulder pain that’s muscular irritation related, it often develops in the shoulder blade. This is one of the most severe types of back and shoulder pain and in some cases, can be difficult to treat. Muscular irritation that causes back and shoulder pain has a variety of causes. Sometimes it can be caused by weakened muscles and decreased strength. This is often the case when a person is sedentary for a good part of the time and doesn’t get sufficient exercise. In many cases, muscular irritation is caused by injuries. It could be as a result of an accident, or even more common causes, sports injuries.

Upper back and shoulder pain is often treated by physical therapy and pain management. The muscles can become more flexible and gain strength through proper exercise and can decrease back and shoulder pain. A good pain management program can be an alternative when surgery isn’t an option for back and shoulder pain. Pain management may be non-invasive and rely mainly on an exercise and physical therapy program. Anti-depressants and pain medication are often used. However, the pain management regimen could be more invasive and require injections. One way in which pain management is used for chronic pain is through the use of cold laser therapy. A laser is placed over the pain site for up to a few minutes, depending on the severity of the pain. Lightwaves penetrate the tissue and is used to speed up healing at the pain site.

Chiropractic is another way of treating back and shoulder pain without resorting to surgical procedures or strong prescription drugs. To relieve back and shoulder pain, manipulation of the spine may be applied. Therapies used in chiropractic care for back and shoulder pain may include traction, nerve stimulation by electrical impulses, and ultrasound. Chiropractic treatment may also include incorporating nutrition into the treatment plan. The hands-on adjustments to the back and shoulder can be done as needed without the need for powerful narcotic drugs.