Back and Hip Pain – Causes and Solutions


Back and hip pain are commonly caused by arthritis and other degenerative bone issues. Many people who have arthritis complain about experiencing pain in these specific areas. However, back and hip pain may also be caused by injuries, particularly sports-related injuries. Injuries can cause chronic pain that requires specialized treatment. In some cases, back and hip pain are related and caused by the same injury or disorder. When you have a good idea about the origin of your pain, you can treat it more effectively. Back and hip pain are more treatable than you may realize.

Back and Hip PainBack and hip pain can often be caused by an injured or degenerating disc in your spine. Normally, this will cause a lot of pain in your lower back. However, it contributes to both back and hip pain because the injury can place pressure on your hips. It’s always important to treat this pain promptly, in order to avoid further problems. Back and hip pain can be treated using heat quite effectively. A chiropractor may also be able to help if the problem is related to a poor alignment. Your doctor will discuss options available if your back and hip pain may be remedied by surgery.

A lot of back and hip pain can be attributed to sciatica. This is a painful disorder in which the sciatic nerve becomes pinched, often causing excruciating pain. If you have back and hip pain, it’s a good idea to visit a doctor to find out if it’s sciatica and what the exact cause is. Avoid strenuous exercise that can make the pain worse, and try applying heat for relief. When your back and hip pain is severe, use anti-inflammatory pain relievers, unless directed to do otherwise by your doctor.

Back and hip pain can also stem from disorders that involve your hips. If there is a lot of stiffness, it may result from some sort of strain involving the muscles. Back and hip pain resulting from this sort of problem may be relieved using ice or some other cold therapy. Also consider a professional massage or using a personal massager that it recommended for different types of pain. Back and hip pain that is more pronounced in the hips can also be attributed to certain types of exercise. Be sure to examine any exercise or personal work routines that may have an influence on your pain level.