Arthritis Treatment for Hands – Tips on Arthritis Treatment for Hands

As arthritis advances in the knuckles and base of the thumb in your hand, it can become painful. But there are arthritis treatment options for hands options that you can discuss with your doctor. You need to start arthritis treatment for hands as soon as the condition is discovered so that you can strengthen your hands and manage the pain. Some of the arthritis treatment for hands options are very simple, while others will require monitoring on your part.

Once you make the different treatments for arthritis in the hands a regular part of your routine, you will start to feel more mobility in your fingers and less pain. It will also help to slow the progress of arthritis and possibly spare you from the long-term effects of hand arthritis.

One of the professionals that can offer arthritis treatment for hands advice is a physical therapist. The point with arthritis treatment for hands is not to mask the pain but learn to manage it and control the progression of the condition.

A physical therapist will give you exercises that will keep your hands mobile and help to build up the muscles in your fingers and wrists. When your muscles are stronger, they can help to prevent the joints from slipping out of alignment as arthritis progresses. This arthritis treatment for hands is something that you should do every day and several times a day if at all possible. The stronger and more agile you make your hands, the better your chances of fending off the effects of arthritis.

In using arthritis treatment for hands, one of the goals is to reduce the pain as much as possible. Ongoing pain management is a way that arthritis sufferers get through the day, but there are other arthritis treatment for hands options that can be used to offer even more relief from pain. One of those arthritis treatment for hands options is soaking your hands in warm water or in a treatment such as a paraffin wax bath. These kinds of treatments help to loosen up tight muscles and get a little bit of temporary lubrication to the knuckles. These can be great treatments for those moments when you would like temporary, but fairly complete, relief from the pain.

Another arthritis treatment for hands option is stretching. Ask your physical therapist for options on arthritis treatment for hands stretching exercises that will loosen up the tissue in your hands and allow for a greater range of motion. This arthritis treatment for hands is something that can be done several times a day to help relieve pain.


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