Arthritis Therapy – Get Relief from Your Symptoms!


When faced with the possibility of a lifetime of arthritis therapy, those diagnosed with the condition are often fearful of the consequences. Though pain, stiffness, and swelling are indeed common symptoms one must fight when dealing with arthritis, there are many forms of arthritis therapy that can bring relief to sufferers. Today’s medical landscape boasts a multitude of effective potential Arthritis Therapy treatments, ranging from lifestyle changes to medications to physical therapy. With a combination of these therapies, there is no longer any reason for the arthritis patient of today to have to severely restrict their lifestyle and live in crippling pain.

Arthritis TherapyThe most common form of arthritis therapy your doctor may try is medication. There are now a plethora of effective medications available that your doctor may prescribe to aid in your Arthritis Therapy. Often your doctor will start you out on anti-inflammatory medications taken orally and monitor both their effectiveness and your tolerance for them. If little or no progress is seen, higher doses of these drugs may be prescribed or your doctor may choose to switch to a more potent medication. Pain medications may also be prescribed as a supplement to arthritis therapy for moderate to severe cases of the disease.

Your doctor will also most likely advise arthritis therapy in the form of physical activity. This form of Arthritis Therapy can usually be done at home and generally consists of mild to moderate activities. Stretching or Yoga can be helpful arthritis therapy activities to incorporate into your regimen since they can lead to increased flexibility and range of motion. Isometric exercises are excellent ways to help alleviate symptoms if your doctor feels you are healthy enough. Isometric exercises have little or no impact on joints and increase strength in muscles to help them easier absorb some of the impact your joints face in everyday life.

Another Arthritis Therapy you can try at home is referred to as thermal modalities. This arthritis therapy consists of either ice or heat on the affected joints. Icing a swollen joint can help to reduce inflammation and therefore reduce pain. Heat packs can help to stretch and loosen tight muscles and increase range of motion and flexibility. Even a hot shower prior to working out can be effective Arthritis Therapy to loosen up the joints enough to make your workout more tolerable and pain-free. The heating of the joints can also relieve muscle spasms around the joint sometimes associated with arthritis.