Arthritis Stretching Exercises – Some Good Arthritis Stretching Exercises


To help counteract the painful effects of arthritis, many experts recommend arthritis stretching exercises. The important thing to keep in mind about arthritis stretching exercises is that you need to start slow and build up speed. If you start out too fast, then you could injure yourself further. The best arthritis stretching exercises are the ones that work on specific areas of your body. For example, if you have arthritis in the shoulders then use shoulder exercises. Stretching is always good as a general rule, but you need to focus on your arthritis areas for the stretching to be effective. Start out with a small regimen and slowly build up to more stretching each day. The more stretching you do, the more you will be able to control your pain and get on with your day.

Arthritis Stretching ExercisesIf you do have shoulder arthritis, then one of the more effective arthritis stretching exercises is arm circles. To do these arthritis stretching exercises, you need to stand in place with your arms at your side. Then you would slowly lift your arms until they are parallel with the floor. Slowly rotate your arms forwards and then backwards. As you get used to these arthritis stretching exercises, you can increase the speed of your circles and make the circles wider. Try doing these in sets of five or 10 at a time to make them easier. When you are done doing each set, you can lower your arms and rest them for a moment.

Arthritis stretching exercises for the hands and fingers are very basic but very effective. You can use a series of arthritis stretching exercises for the hands, or you can put a variation one of the simpler exercises. To use these arthritis stretching exercises for your hand, simply extend end your fingers as far as they will go and then slowly make a fist. Clench the fist for a brief moment and then slowly open the fist again. You may find that rapidly trying to make a fist is not only painful but difficult with arthritis. That is why you should take this one slow and build up to a faster speed as the pain dissipates.

One of the general arthritis stretching exercises that you should look into is yoga. Many yoga instructors have arthritis stretching exercises that you can do on a regular basis to help manage your pain. Contact a yoga instructor in your area and see if she offers arthritis stretching exercises.