Arthritis Pains – Where Can you Feel Arthritis Pains?


Arthritis can affect anyone at any age. It does not need an invitation and it sometimes does not need a reason to develop. Arthritis pains can be the result of years of degeneration of the tissue that connects and cushions the joints. It can also be the result of scar tissue forming from a serious accident. When you start to feel arthritis pains, your first inclination is to get to your doctor and start asking questions. That is the right move to make, but many people do not understand what arthritis pains are and where they can originate. While all forms of arthritis carry similar symptoms such as pain, stiffness and flu-like symptoms; there are several different areas on the body where arthritis can occur. There are a few spots on the body where Arthritis Pains are more common than others. Understanding where arthritis can form can help patients determine if they need to see a doctor or not.

Arthritis Pains

One of the more common spots for arthritis pains is the knee. It can hit one knee or it can hit both knees at the same time. Arthritis pains in the knees can be one of the more frustrating kinds of arthritis to experience. These arthritis pains are normally accompanied by pain and stiffness in the knee, especially after extensive physical activity such as walking or running. You can get massage therapy on your knees to reduce the effects of arthritis on them. You can also apply a cold compress to your knee at the end of each day to help try and manage the pain that comes with arthritis in the knee.

Another area where you will feel arthritis pains is in the fingers. If the arthritis pains in the fingers get intense enough, then it can start to have a crippling effect on the joints. There are things you can do to help offset the Arthritis pain in your fingers including doing stretching exercise with your fingers every once in a while. Working with your fingers and keeping them moving will help keep the arthritis pains at a minimum and can also help to keep your fingers usable. Your doctor will have other ways that you can combat arthritis in the fingers and prevent deformity in your hands.

The hips are another joint where arthritis pains are commonly felt. As arthritis pains in the hips progress, it can become painful to walk. A physical therapist can give you exercises that will help manage the arthritis pains in your hips.