Arthritis Pain Treatment – Evolving Methods


Conventional methodology for arthritis pain treatment primarily relies on the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications. However, other methods of arthritis pain treatment such as physical therapy, exercise, and the use of dietary supplements have grown in the last twenty years. Advancements in joint replacement surgery also offer arthritis pain treatment for those with severe osteoarthritis. Additionally, recent developments in pharmaceutical research offer new and improved options for arthritis pain treatment. As research continues, methods for treating the disease and its symptoms will continue to evolve. At the same time, research adds more weight to the use of ancient treatment options.

Arthritis Pain TreatmentWhether patients choose conventional or holistic arthritis pain treatment, or opt for some of the newer pharmaceutical developments, there is a plethora of treatment options available. Arthritis pain treatment continues to evolve. However, doctors still focus their recommendations on the same three prong approach of arthritis pain treatment including medications, dietary supplements, and properly prescribed exercise routines. Even those who have undergone joint replacement surgery are recommended to continue medications and dietary supplements, in addition to appropriate levels of exercise for their arthritis pain treatment. The value of this time-tested approach is undeniable, even as other treatment options continue to evolve.

The primary reason these three phases of arthritis pain treatment continue to receive physician approval and recommendation is there focus on the primary symptoms of arthritis. Medications, even new pharmaceutical developments, continue to provide arthritis pain relief by reducing the inflammation and feelings of pain. Newer medications simply make that process more effective and the outcomes longer lasting. Ancient, holistic arthritis pain treatment options and dietary supplements, having stood the test of time through many civilizations, have not evolved as much as being refined to standardize recommended dosages and increases to both the purity and potency of ingredients.

Arthritis pain treatment has come a long way in recent years. Methodologies, pharmaceutical compounds, advancements in surgical technology and joint replacement components, as well as increasing knowledge of holistic healing and dietary supplements have all made arthritis pain treatment more effective. This alleviates the suffering of the estimated 20 million people suffering the debilitating effects of arthritis. Arthritis pain treatment options, while not only treating symptoms and alleviating discomfort, also provide indirect treatment for secondary conditions such as obesity and depression due to pain, lack of mobility, sacrifice of enjoyable activities, and potential isolation a sedentary lifestyle due to arthritis can create.