Arthritis Medicine – Wide and Variable Choices!


The number of arthritis medicines is literally in the hundreds, if you consider all of the prescription, synthetic, over-the-counter, and natural or homeopathic remedies. Probably all arthritis patients have used an over-the-counter pain medication. Often these reduce inflammation and swelling too. Arthritis Medicine isn’t a big deal if you just suffer from aching in a few joints. General arthritis medicine aids include topical pain relievers, narcotic pain relievers, corticosteroids, and anti-inflammatory painkillers.

Arthritis MedicineThose with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis may need a prescription drug to relive discomfort and intense pain. These Arthritis Medicine are disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (or DMARDS). These powerful medicines work by slowing or stopping the immune system’s attack on the joints. Fosamax has been successfully used as an arthritis medicine by many. This is a bisphosphonate that helps to alter bone formation in the joints. It achieves this by reducing the process of RA that deteriorates bone. Celebrex is also a popular Arthritis Medicine. It generally is used to control arthritis inflammation.

It is also important to note when studying arthritis medicine that results range from very fast relief to years of waiting. Of course pain-killers are the quickest method one can use. But, longer periods of time are necessary for the bisphosphonate drugs. This is because it may take years to see the desired outcome of gradual bone replacement. Biologics, or biologic response modifiers, are relatively new Arthritis Medicine. They prevent or lessen inflammation in arthritic joints. Steroids are sometimes used as arthritis medicine, but they can have adverse side effects. Cortisone can be injected into a damaged joint. This steroid relieves pain and swelling, but it provides no extended protection against further destruction that can continue to occur with time.

Medications are best applied with a combination of knowing the extent of the arthritis, how much damage has occurred, the affected area, and the patient’s current health and medical history. Then a primary physician or a homeopathic doctor can directly apply the desired arthritis medication to the root cause of the arthritis or the symptoms. Popular as natural Arthritis Medicine are herbs and fruit or vegetable juices. What is most important is what arthritis medicine you feel comfortable with, one that doesn’t cause you adverse side effects, and one you can afford. Always as a last resort, and when the pain or bone deterioration is dangerous or irreversible, joint replacement surgery is available. This can be either a complete or partial replacement of the afflicted joint.