Arthritis in Knee – Information about Knee Arthritis


For the majority of people, arthritis in knee joints is a degenerative disease that will only get worse with time. Arthritis in knee joints can begin as an inflammation of the cartilage that starts to erode away and the knee joint, or it can be a case of the bone and cartilage simply disappearing over time. When arthritis in knee joints gets down to just bone on bone contact; that can be extremely painful. But there are things that your doctor can recommend to slow the pace of arthritis in knee joints and help you be able to live your life as you want for a very long time.

Arthritis in KneeSometimes massage therapy can be very effective on arthritis in knee joints. The certified massage therapist can relieve the pressure on the knee by moving it around a bit and massaging the surrounding muscles. Using massage therapy is not a long-term solution to arthritis in knee joints, but it can help to reduce the pain and slow down the progression of the condition. Massage therapy as part of treatment for arthritis in knee joints can also help make sure that the knee is always properly aligned to reduce the chance of bone banging on bone.

Physical therapy is a good way to reduce the effects of arthritis in knee joints. One of the ways that can help relieve the pressure on the knee when there is arthritis in knee joints is to prescribe exercises specifically designed to strengthen the muscles in the knee and help relieve some of the pressure. Physical therapy will also show you exercises that will help you walk more efficiently to reduce the amount of pressure you put on your knee and reduce the painful effects of arthritis in knee joints.

As the arthritis in knee joints continues to progress and get worse, your doctor may suggest walking with some assistance from a cane or a walker. The reason for this is because it lifts the body off the knee and reduces the painful effects of arthritis in knee joints. Another way that a doctor can permanently treat arthritis in knee joints is with surgery. The surgery can either be done to replace the entire knee, or to implant cushions into the knee that will relieve the pressure and help reduce the pain. A change in diet by adding more vitamin C can help slow the degenerative bone loss, but pain management and education will be your best allies in fighting this pain.