Arthritis in Feet – Types of Foot Arthritis and Treatment Options


Whether symptoms of arthritis in feet sneak up on you gradually or arrive suddenly, they can be painful and make it difficult to walk. There are two main types of arthritis in feet, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both cause joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, and swelling of the feet. It’s helpful to have your arthritis in feet looked at by a professional if you are finding it painful to walk normally, to find out what type of arthritis you are suffering from, and what your main treatment options might be. A combination of supplements, exercise, and sensible shoes can lessen symptoms in most cases.

Arthritis in FeetThe most common type of arthritis in feet is osteoarthritis, which causes the cartilage to degenerate, leading to bunions. Wearing high heels or pointy-toed shoes should be avoided if you have this type of arthritis in feet, because they can place added pressure on the bunion. The symptoms of osteoarthritis in feet usually develop slowly over a period of time, rather than developing suddenly. By contrast, the second type of arthritis in feet may appear quite suddenly. This is known as rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease causing inflammation of the joints at the foot’s ball.

The inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis in feet can in turn loosen ligaments, causing the bone to push against the bottom of the foot. To cope with this type of arthritis in feet, surgery is sometimes necessary. However, at times exercise and proper arch support is all that is necessary to reduce the pain and other symptoms characteristic of arthritis in feet. Wearing the proper shoes is essential to find relief from these problems. Box-toed shoes rather than pointy-toed shoes can make a world of difference, because they give the foot room to breathe and move without added pressure.

If you are trying to choose the right pair of shoes to help alleviate arthritis in feet, it’s helpful to consult an orthopedic specialist for advice. In addition to wearing sensible shoes, exercise may help reduce the symptoms of arthritis in feet. Always perform leg and foot exercises under the close supervision of a physical therapist at first, to ensure that you do not put any added strain or pressure on your feet. Although arthritis in feet can be extremely uncomfortable, the symptoms can be reduced with proper care in many cases, to make walking less painful over time.