Arthritis Health – How to Get There


Often many patients diagnosed with arthritis fear they are doomed to a life of debilitating joint degeneration and crippling pain. Once educated in the facts, arthritis sufferers are surprised to learn that arthritis health and an active lifestyle are indeed possible. Since the disease can strike at any age, it is important for patients to get a jump on their treatment and begin learning the basics of arthritis health. If treated properly and diligently with a total arthritis management plan, the progress of the disease can be effectively slowed and Arthritis Health can be a reality.

Arthritis HealthThe first step in achieving good arthritis health despite your condition is to work closely with your doctor. Your family physician will usually refer you to a rheumatologist, which is a doctor who specializes in joint and autoimmune diseases such as arthritis. Your doctor knows that with arthritis, health of the joints can degrade quickly and must be addressed as soon as the diagnosis is made. It is important to ask questions and fully understand your condition because once you have a grasp of what causes arthritis, the effects it can have on your joints, and its treatment you have a much higher likelihood of achieving good Arthritis Health.

When addressing the treatment of arthritis, health issues such as weight management play a vital role. Carrying around extra pounds places excess stress and pressure on your joints and will lead to an acceleration of the condition. Your doctor may add a dietician to your Arthritis Health management team to help with any necessary weight loss. Exercise can also play a vital role in arthritis health, and not just in maintaining proper weight. Even light exercise helps to strengthen muscles and therefore reduce impact on joints. Exercise also can reduce stress, which is also cited as an aggravating factor in arthritis symptoms.

The most common form of arthritis health is through the use of medication. Anti-inflammatory drugs can with Arthritis Health by slowing the progression of joint degradation. Even if this progression is stemmed, the effects may be permanent and pain may be a long-term issue. In this case maintaining proper Arthritis Health may also involve pain medication. This class of meds should be taken with extreme caution however, as they may often mask important symptoms and lead to a worsening of the condition. By working closely with your physician, you can find an effective overall arthritis management plan that can help you live in good health for years to come.