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When you look to put together an arthritis diet, you are not looking for something that will cure your condition. But an arthritis diet with the right nutrients and vitamins in it can certainly help you to control the pain and slow down the condition. No arthritis diet should ever claim to rid your body of the condition. But a reputable and useful diet is one that will contain the right elements to help slow the degeneration of ligaments and padding in the knee as well as encourage the slow rebuilding of bone mass in the joints as well. Arthritis can strike any joint in the body. That is why it is a good idea to start eating the right foods to help your body fight back.

Arthritis DietFish oil is always part of any arthritis diet because of the positive effects that fish oil has on bones and joints. You can add a fish oil supplement to your arthritis diet such as cod liver supplements, or you can add certain types of fish to your diet that will encourage good joint health. Some of the fish that should be in your arthritis diet include tuna, sardines, cod and any oily fish. You can ask your doctor which oily fish would qualify for a good diet, or you can discuss your options with a nutritionist.

When it comes to an effective arthritis diet, nothing beats vitamin C. The health benefits for vitamin C to the teeth, bones and joints are countless. When you are putting together your arthritis diet, you can include just about any citrus fruit for your source of vitamin C. Your arthritis diet can include oranges, limes, grapefruit and peaches. One of the items to include in your daily diet could be a fruit salad that is full of vitamin C. You can also include vitamin C supplements in your diet to help combat the effects of arthritis.

There are some uncommon foods that can also be helpful in an arthritis diet. When you put your arthritis diet together, include foods that are high in vitamin E such as unsalted nuts, sunflower seeds and pine nuts. Ginger can be added to your cooking of such things as soups and salads for your arthritis diet to reduce swelling and pain. If you feel dedicated to creating a diet that would help with arthritis, then some experts recommend trying to go completely vegetarian and see if that improves your condition.


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