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If you are looking for an arthritis definition, you are likely suffering with one of the over one hundred diseases covered by this name. The general arthritis definition is a disease characterized by inflammation of the joints. Most of these diseases last for the rest of a person’s natural life. When looking for an arthritis definition, you need to be aware of the many forms of this disease. Some forms come from normal wear and tear on the joints. Others come in response to an autoimmune disorder. In either of those cases, the result is the join inflammation that characterizes these diseases.

Arthritis DefinitionWhen looking at an arthritis definition, most people think about arthritis being a part of aging. That is true. Normal wear and tear of living can cause joints to deteriorate. At some point in the process, it is very possible for someone to start having the aches and pains many associated with this disease. If you want a real life arthritis definition, the swelling and pain have to be on the list of symptoms. The most common form of arthritis is Osteoarthritis. This form of the disease is the one most people go to the doctor for. If you want a single form of the disease for an arthritis definition, that one may be it.

However, no arthritis definition would be complete without looking at autoimmune forms of the disease. Autoimmune is a term used to cover any disease where the person’s autoimmune system turns on some part of the body. When talking about autoimmune diseases and arthritis, the main form of this disease is rheumatoid arthritis. This form of the disease involves the immune system attacking the joint lining around joints of the entire body. As these linings inflame, they bring on the classic symptoms found in an arthritis definition. It is the classic arthritis definition when it comes to autoimmune forms of the disease.

You need to look at other forms of the disease before getting a comprehensive arthritis definition. They vary widely from Kawasaki disease to Marfan’s syndrome. In all these cases, some joints in the body are experiencing inflammation from a variety of causes. That is why a comprehensive arthritis definition needs to stress the broadness of this disease. In addition, it can strike people at any age. Several forms of arthritis strike children specifically. So when seeking an arthritis definition, you should keep that fact in mind.


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