Arthritis Aids – Little Things can do Wonders!


Arthritis is probably at the top of the list of chronic degenerative illness that afflict millions. Arthritis aids are available to help you get around easier if you are suffering from this ailment. Common helps exist in the forms of wheelchairs, canes, crutches, walkers, and splints. These help by taking pressure off of the painful area and transferring it somewhere else in the body. This common disorder of aging causes mobility problems and issues with independent living. Thankfully, Arthritis Aids bring many victims new avenues of freedom in their everyday lives. Traditional and unique arthritis aids are available.

Arthritis AidsArthritis aids are readily obtainable. Some consist of motorized equipment. Others are simply a small gadget. An arthritis aid fit for your specific need can be found. The Arthritis Foundation has a list of products which they have endorsed. A local medical supply store will have arthritis aids for sale or rent. If you are unsure about devices and places they are available, start by talking to your doctor or an occupational therapist. An occupational therapist’s area of knowledge includes helping patients achieve independent living with Arthritis Aids. They also know how to match your problem with a helpful tool.

Many arthritis sufferers are embarrassed to use Arthritis Aids. But with so many items available to make your life and movements easier, why not try them? Home and bath aids for personal use make living independently easier. Those who have arthritic hands often have trouble opening jars, cans, boxes, or bottles. It is a relief to know that there is an arthritis aid for each of these containers. Spring action scissors are really popular because they cause no undue stress to the finger joints. Kitchen hand utensils with large, soft grips make it easier to peel or cut vegetables. Gripper gadgets are an option as an arthritis aid for turning faucet handles and opening door knobs, outdoors or indoors.

Bathrooms can be especially daunting for arthritis patients. Slippery surfaces can become very challenging for those with mobility issues. Once again, Arthritis Aids are accessible that increase safety and stability in many areas of the bathroom. Toilet seat supports, bath and shower rails (some are even movable!), slip free bath mats, and shower or bath chairs provide vital assistance as Arthritis Aids. Wands and grippers are available that reduce difficulties when reaching to overhead cabinets or shelves in the home. Even if you need help with zippers, buttons, necklaces, or putting on socks, an inventive person has come up with an arthritis aid that will increase your self-reliance and independence.