Are You Aware of The Sacroiliac Joint Pain?


Sacroiliac (SI) joint is the joint found in the bony pelvis right between the ilium and sacrum of the pelvis and are joined by vigorous ligaments. In man, the sacrum maintains the spine while it is being supported by the ilium on both of its sides.

Males have 2 Sacroiliac Joints:

Are you Aware of the Sacroiliac Joint Pain

one on the right and the other on the left. They matched each other well, although it varies from one person to another.

Sacroiliac Joint Disorder

Joint disorder is normal since men are active beings. Sometimes an inflammation of one or both of the aforementioned joints also occurs, called Sacroliitis. This condition causes pain in the unilateral low back, thigh area, buttocks, depending on the severity of the inflammation.

In general, this disorder is called sacroiliac joint dysfunction or SIJD. This refers to the pain in the SI region, caused by irregular motion of the joint.

Symptoms and Signs of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

  • You will feel pain in your dull unilateral low back.
  • You may feel some mild to moderate aching in your dimple or the posterior upper iliac spine region.
  • There’s a sharp pain when you stand from seating or as you lift your knee towards the chest whenever you do activities such as climbing the stair.
  • When the dysfunction is severe, there will be referred pain towards the groin, hip, and leg.
  • There can be low back stiffness after a prolonged sitting or walking.
  • There can be pain during sexual intercourse.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain during Hormonal Changes

This joint disorder pain is experienced mostly by women who are having periods of hormonal changes, such as during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. Why? During these times, the elasticity of the ligament is being affected, which causes pain.

During pregnancy, the women secrete hormones so that the connective tissues in her body can relax. This relaxation is necessary so that the female pelvis can stretch during child birth. However, this can result in some changes in the sacroiliac joints. Over time, these changes can lead to arthritis.

Another thing is that when the woman is pregnant, there will be tiny gas pockets and some tears that will appear inside the joint.


Sacroiliac joint, though sometimes overlook, is very important to our body. If neglected, it will cause you some agonizing pain.

Joint disorder, muscle discrepancy and hormonal changes can all lead to sacroiliac joint pain. Because of the mentioned factors, it is believed that women are more likely to suffer from sacroiliac joint pain than men. The sad part is that it will come to all women naturally (since, generally, all women have menstruation and almost all of them get pregnant). You cannot reverse their fate. However, what is important is that when it happens, immediately consult your doctor. They know what to do and what to prescribe. Make sure to follow your doctor’s advice.