Ankle Joint Pain – Diagnosing Ankle Joint Pain


Ankle joint pain can range from a persistent ache to a constant pain. When people get ankle joint pain, they often start to wonder why this has happened. If there is no obvious injury, then the mystery of ankle pain can make the patient uneasy. There are several things that a doctor will look for when diagnosing ankle pain that can lead to the core of the problem. In some cases, the final solution is one that is reached after looking in places other than the ankle. Other times, the solution could be degenerative and require an ongoing treatment to manage the pain. Do not allow mysterious ankle pain to persist. If you are having joint pain in your ankle, then you need to get to a doctor right away.

Ankle Joint PainThe first thing the doctor will look for is a break or a sprain. When people experience ankle joint pain, the first thing they start to do is backtrack in their mind to hunt down the cause. But ankle joint pain does not require a significant event to get started. A simple jump from a step to the ground could fracture an ankle. Your ankle joint pain could be the result of a quick turn on your ankle that seemed uncomfortable at first, but wound up being a sprained ankle. The doctor will check for a sprain and, in the absence of a sprain, could order x-rays to check for a fracture.

Another source of ankle joint pain is nerve issues. These are the cases of ankle joint pain that may come and go, or seem to move around the ankle. The nerve could be pinched somewhere or it could be inflamed. A nerve that is pinched at the knee could cause ankle joint pain. Trying to follow nerves can be confusing if you are not a trained professional. That is why it is important to get to a doctor immediately if you feel ankle pain. It could be the sign of a more dangerous nerve pinch or condition. Nerve conditions can be permanent if not treated immediately.

When it comes to ankle joint pain, the one thing a patient does not want to hear is the word arthritis. But it is extremely possible that your ankle joint pain could be the result of the formation of arthritis in the ankle. It can strike on ankle, or it can hit both. When you feel persistent ankle joint pain that seems to be getting more persistent over time, then get checked for arthritis.