Ankle Joint Pain Symptoms


Ten Common Symptoms of Ankle Joint Pains

The human body is such a complex piece of “machinery”. Through the processes that happen in the body, movement takes place in just few seconds. Imagine how the bones of the skeletal system of the body collaborate with each other to deliver swift and delicate movements that bring us from one place to another.

Unfortunately, some people do not seem to care for their body. They put themselves to so much pressure and stress. One example of a body part that commonly falls into an incapacitating condition is the ankle or hinge joint because it is one of the main parts of the body that is responsible for going from one place to another.

Ankle Joint Pain symptoms

Bearing the total body mass while allowing someone to walk is quite hard considering the size of the bone part. If the ankles receive too much pressure, this is when symptoms of ankle joint pain may start to surface.

People who have acquired previous injuries in their ankles will more or less have an idea about the reasons behind their burden. The story should not stop there because one should learn about the symptoms of ankle joint pain since identifying the symptoms may lead to a solution.

Early Manifestations of Ankle Pain

Ankle joint pains may indicate something. If the pain is relieved in a matter of a few days, this mild condition may be plainly caused by bumps and sprains. Prolonged pain that lasts for several days is a severe condition and surgical repair might be the only way out. Check the symptoms of ankle joint pain because you might need immediate attention.

  • Recurring pain felt inside and outside the feet
  • Twisting sensation localized in the ankle
  • Ankle looks twisted inward
  • Presence of bruise on the joint region
  • Outer skin is reddish, tender or swelling
  • Feeling of discomfort when walking
  • Even the slightest prodding on the hinge joint hurts
  • Pain is felt even you no weight is put on the ankle
  • Popping sound is heard when the joint moves
  • Foot structure looks deformed

Upon the onset of these signs, take the initiative to apply first aid so that your ankle would not hurt too badly when you make your way to the nearest clinic. Remember that joint pain requires medical treatment because it could be aggravated.

One standard operating procedure for sprained ankles is the application of hot or cold compress to the affected area. Some people pop pain reliever pills or apply muscle soothing menthol lotions to lessen the pain. Wrapping a clean bandage around the hinge will also help a lot by fixing the joints in such a way that the bruised muscles will not be moved when the patient walks.

No matter how intense the pain is, you have to relax. Always keep in mind that body has a way of healing itself. Coupled with the right treatment methods provided by the physician, you will go back to your normal condition in no time.