6 Ways on How to Prevent Knee and Hip Joint Pain

Janice CarsonJanice Carson

Joint pains have many kinds but the two most common types are knee and hip joint pains. It is essential that you know about these two conditions, its causes and prevention. Knee Joint Pain

The knee joint is composed of three compartments: the patellofemoral (kneecap), the medial and the lateral. When the cartilage under the knee cap softens, it results to the breakdown of small areas surrounding the knee. What happens is that instead of gliding softly above the knee, the patellofemoral rubs against the femur or the thigh bone when the knee moves. This commotion can develop from mild to the total erosion of the cartilage.

How to Prevent Knee Joint Pain

6 Ways on How to Prevent Knee and Hip Joint PainFirst and foremost, to prevent joint pains, you must be aware of your own body rhythm. You cannot just do exercises or go to massage places. You must learn the correct activities to treat joint pains. Now, if you can avoid it then it’s much better. Here are some tips to avoid knee pain:

  1. You must maintain the appropriate weight. There are ideal weights for certain ages and heights. An extra weight will increase the chances of building osteoarthritis-extra weight will put stress on your knee.
  2. To maintain the right alignment and balance of your leg, you must wear sensible and protective shoes that fit you well. Doing so will prevent potential knee injuries
  3. If you are an athletic person and you do a lot of exercises every day, make sure that you warm up before engaging in physical activities. Stretching muscles located in the front and back of the thighs will decrease the tension on the tendons.
  4. To prevent joint pains, do some swimming and walking. These activities are very helpful in strengthening the joint muscles.
  5. If you think decreasing your activity will prevent you from having joint pain, think again. If you decrease activities, it will weaken your joints further and increases the chances of injuries.
  6. Be consistent with your exercise routine. Sudden changes in activity may lead to harm on your unsteady muscles.

Hip Joint Pain

The hip joint is the one that attaches the torso of the body to the leg. Although the pain could occur from the joint itself, there are many structures around the hip that could cause the stinging feeling. The pain can mean that there is inflammation, swelling, redness or warmth in the hip circles.

How to Prevent Hip Joint Pain

  • Preserve a normal body mass index
  • Avoid obesity
  • Take good diet to construct strong bones
  • Take helpful vitamins such as vitamin D, calcium, and bisphosphonates
  • Wear good and fit shoes
  • Minimize falling and breaking the hip